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Daniel Cameron

Director & Electrician

Meet Dan, he is the Head Honcho, The Big Kahuna at C-squared.

Dan began his apprenticeship in 2011 as a school-based apprentice with a local company in Logan. Dan was fortunate to get the opportunity to work on a wide range of different sites ranging from wiring new home builds to maintenance of factories and industrial buildings.

Now with over 10 years experience, having worked on thousands of homes as well as having worked in Western QLD in rural areas, on large construction projects and all kinds of weird and wonderful equipment, Dan has gained a wide knowledge of the electrical industry.

Elli Cameron

The Boss

This is Elli, she is the brains of the operation and don’t tell Dan, but she is really the Boss.

Elli hasn’t always been a part of the electrical game, she gained her administration experience working for a large senior care company with over 60 employees!

Elli was in charge of training, scheduling and onboarding. All while juggling her usual role as a receptionist! Talk about multi-tasking!

Since then she has been an invaluable asset to the C-Squared team. She has been known to come out to site and haul in the odd cable or two with Dan too!


Chief Happiness Officer

Meet Benji, he is in charge of making sure the team comes to work with a smile on their dial. We think he does a pretty good job.

When he’s not on site keeping an eye on Dan making sure he dots the I’s and crosses T’s, he’s back at the office with Elli making sure she has packed a healthy lunch… Usually by eating it before she can…

In the last 7 years in his role, he has masterfully chewed tennis balls, attacked the lawn mower and slept on the couch many times over the years, cementing himself firmly as a truly cherished member of the team