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Do you have an hourly rate?

C-Squared Electrical Solutions provide upfront pricing where you pay per task, not per hour – meaning there’s no hidden costs and no surprises!

Do you charge a call-out fee?

We do charge a call out fee which includes one of our friendly Brisbane Electricians coming to site to have a look at the problem and giving you an up-front price for any work or testing that may be required. The cost of this fee is dependent on the area you live in and how far we have to travel.

Will you call me before you come to site?

Absolutely! Actually, we go one step further than that. You’ll receive a booking confirmation email to lock in you appointment after you call us, you’ll receive an email & text message the day before your appointment just incase you forget,  and finally a notification of our ETA when we are on our way. You can even watch us come down the road on a little map like an Uber driver! And finally, the classic “Hey, it’s the sparky, I’m on my way” phone call.

If you didn’t pick it, we are big on communication.

Can you complete the work on the same day you quote?

In most cases, YES! We sure can! Having fully stocked vans means we’re able to complete most tasks during our visit, keeping multiple visits to a minimum. However we do recommend sending photos if you think you may have something a little “weird and wonderful”.

For larger jobs or jobs requiring high quantities or specialist materials  we wouldn’t normally carry, we may have to book a second appointment if we can’t get a hold of the equipment on the same day. You will definitely be informed before hand if this is the case.

Will you clean up after the job is done?

Absolutely! Leaving your home or business neat and tidy is one of our guarantees! We do our best to ensure the only thing we leave behind is a happy customer!

Do you provide any guarantee on your work?

Yes! We stand behind our work and offer a complete guarantee on all our workmanship, meaning should our workmanship be the cause for failure, we will come  on the double and fix it free of charge. We will also honour any manufacturer’s warranty on equipment that we supply, should it ever fail for any reason.

Do your electricians hold an Electrical License?

Yes, they absolutely do! By law in Australia it is illegal to perform electrical work without an Electrical License.

Do you provide me with an Electrical Safety Certificate?

Yes, definitely. Where applicable, C-Squared Electrical Solutions will issue a safety certificate upon completion to meet current standards and regulations.

How can I make a booking?

We have a few ways to make a booking. You can call or text us directly on 0436306011 where one of our team can assist you from there.

you can follow one of the many “Contact Us” links throughout our website and we will contact you via the details you leave with us.

And the third option would be to send us a message on our facebook page as we will have a chat with you to answer any questions you may have.

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